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Twitter is a wonderful thing. How else can you meet a guy from Sheffield with a crazy plan to photograph 100 unsigned musicians in London with nothing but £100 in his pocket and a sense of adventure?

And meet him I did, on a blustery August day in Camden town with new clothes on my back and the usual friendly giggle. CK Goldiing is an assured, creative, manly man with a good set of guns and a sensitive feminine side to boot (it’s nice to be able to trust a man to tell you whether your outfits really works or not!) Both a presenter and photographer, he’s someone you can’t forget, just the type of guy you’d expect to upsticks to London just for the fun of meeting new people and no doubt enjoy much better weather than he would up North. #justsayin!

2015-08-04 17.42.43Screen Shot 2015-08-13 at 15.58.13

If you’re an unsigned artist, or know of one in London, get in touch with CK @CkGoldiing and search the hashtag #100musicians to see his work. The deal is, you pay him what you like and you get some cracking photos. Not bad eh. Make sure you take him out for lunch too – in terms of generosity, what goes around definitely comes around. Click the video above to experience his ever so slightly crazy personality (possibly not as bad as me…) and it will take you through to his Facebook page too.

            Jules Rendell | photo by CK Goldiing | 004 Jules Rendell | photo by CK Goldiing | 003b Jules Rendell | photo by CK Goldiing | 002

Here are three of my favourite photos from the day in Primrose Hill – thanks CK!

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On 13th August 2015

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