Jules Rendell video filming shot

New Single: O L D F R I E N D out next week!

Friends, it’s been a while. But you know you can always keep in touch with me on instagram (@juleswools), twitter and facebook (@julesrendell).
The time has arrived! Old Friend, my first single from new album I M A G I N E will be out next week #NewMusicFriday 27th Ocotber! You’ll be able to download from all online outlets and Spotify. I hope you love it – I do. It’s produced by OL Music, the wondrous Feranmi Oguns and Bastian Testori. Please share it, pop it on a playlist and most of all dance around the room singing in to a hair brush to it.

There will be amazing visuals released along with the single toooo! My first ever music video. It’s been glorious to work with the incredibly talented Dominic Doring on this, and enlisting the help of Rico Castro and Oly Vivian as my actors.

Keep a look out online for all these things and of course, I’ll be posting about them here too.


Jules Rendell video filming shot

Old Friend Music Video Filming

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